Subaru All-Around Protection

    All-Around Protection

There is one type of crash Subaru does not shy away from -- the crash test. Year after year, and crash test after crash test, Subaru has continued to rank among the best in the automotive industry in terms of crash worthiness. Over the last few years, we've collected numerous Top Safety Pick awards from the IIHS, and every Subaru vehicle has received a 5-star rating for front, side, and rear impacts from NHTSA. When you're as committed to protection as we are, it shows.

Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame

   Keeping the passenger area intact in the event of an impact is the highest of all safety priorities. Subaru builds each of its vehicles with a Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame. This frame is designed and fortified to withstand tremendous force in order to maintain structural integrity during a collision and help shield occupants from the worst of the impact. What's more, its unique design diverts that dangerous impact energy away from occupants to further protect them in a collision.

High Tensile Steel

    If you want a structure to withstand the intense energy of a car crash, you need to build it with the highest quality materials. Subaru reinforces the key structural elements of its vehicles by building them with the most durable high-tensile steel. Because we see so much of the frame as key to your safety, nearly 40% of our Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame is constructed of high-tensile steel.

Advanced Airbags

   We want you to feel surrounded by protection. To help keep you safe the instant an accident is detected, an array of sensors can deploy any one or more of the six airbags to provide all-over protection for the driver, front passenger and outboard rear passengers. The Outback, Forester and Tribeca also feature a rollover sensor to ensure the side-curtain airbags are properly deployed if a rollover occurs.

Low Engine Placement

   If you're caught in an accident and you collide with something from the front, your own engine can pose a serious danger to you and your passengers. The engine block can be sent backward, to the point that it begins to enter the cabin area. Because we place the SUBARU BOXER® engine lower in the body, and because it has a lower profile, it's less likely to be pushed into a position where it would begin to harm the vehicle's occupants. What's more, we mount the engine to the frame in such a way that it will tend to move away from the passenger area of the vehicle.

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